Science Fair

It was fun and fulfilling. Students and pupils presented their science projects in front of Teachers and their friends. This year’s Science Fair was marked by lots of excitement on the part of the students. Exhibitors thrilled their friends with very practical science displays. Below are some of our pictures.  

4th Annual Spelling Bee Douala

HOSTED BY THE BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL The Spelling Bee is an American academic competition which has been going on in the USA for the past 50 decades. It brings together students from private and public school that compete in spelling words in English. This competition was first organized in Cameroon by the US Embassy, Yaoundé […]

TBIS Cultures Day 2017

TBIS Cultures Day is regular annual event that is organised by The Bridge International School to showcase its cultural diversity through presentations of pupils and students. The Bridge International School community is presently constituted of pupils and students from 12 different nationalities. This year’s event took place on April 29 2017 at the school premises,with […]