School Library

Learning Resource Centre

At the heart of the educational community, the Learning Resource Centre provides students and teachers with the necessary resources and services to support the curriculum, develop literacy amongst students and enable all to become lifelong learners.

Furnished with a wide variety of books, audio visual material and computers with internet access for web based media, the centre makes learning much more enjoyable and engaging. It has a study area, story-telling zone and multimedia centre, creating an enabling environment for the learners to read or study as is convenient to them.

The Learning Resource Centre is open every day during school hours from 8.00 a.m – 4.00 pm. Students have a library lesson every week during which they can read and borrow books. In addition, the centre is accessible during lunch time and during free periods for quiet reading and study. The Reading Club and Thursday morning reading sessions are other activities that the LRC supports giving an opportunity to all to develop a culture of reading.