Board of Governors

School Governance

The Governing Body
The Governing Body is responsible for the long-term strategic and financial well-being of the school. It sets the vision and values of the school and develops strategic priorities in line with these. In addition, the Governing Body defines policy and approves plans for the schools. The GB develops a positive working relationship with the School Headteacher and supports her in her role, including performance planning and evaluation. However the role of the Governing Body is not to run the Schools on a day to day basis. This is the remit of the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership team.
The Governing Body is responsible for:
• Adopting a clear statement of the School’s mission, vision and values
• Establishing policies consistent with these statements
• Developing and periodically reviewing strategic goals in order to fulfil the school’s mission, motto and vision
• Monitoring and supporting school leaders and the Leadership Team in their ability to deliver on these strategic goals
• Selecting, supporting, nurturing, and evaluating the schools’ Leadership Team
• Ensuring the Headteacher recruits, retains, rewards, and develops the highest calibre of teaching staff.
• Ensuring that the School and the Board operate in compliance with Cameroonian laws and regulations,
• Communicating its decisions widely while keeping its deliberations confidential
• Engaging proactively with the schools’ Headteacher in cultivating and maintaining good relations with all stakeholders and the broader community
• Acting as a final appeals committee in line with all school policies on issues that cannot be resolved by the Headteacher alone.

Mrs. Pamela Ngassa is a Parent Governor of The Bridge with 4 children and has been a resource person in organising school activities. She is a Pastor with a vibrant professional career and currently works with Standard Chartered Bank as a Banker. She brings on board her rich experience as Board member in many other international institutions. She believes and greatly values International Education.