Learning support

Our statement of Intention

At the Bridge International School we endeavour to:

  • Develop each child’s full potential, whether academic, artistic, physical, social and emotional.
  • Recognise, develop and celebrate those children who are more able, gifted and/or talented.
  • Acknowledge children’s particular talents and actively encourage achievement.

In the light of these aims it is clear that we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all children to maximize their potential and this includes more able, gifted and talented children, regardless of their background, race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

We understand and acknowledge that some pupils will be working at a higher cognitive level than others and therefore recognise that provisions need to be in place to match the pupil needs.

Some pupils and students will have specific skills and talents and TBIS recognises the need to provide opportunities for these to develop.

Our ethos respects and celebrates the diversity of our community and aim to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to develop skills & abilities irrespective of race, religion, gender or special educational needs.

Neurodiverse department (Special education needs and disability department)

The Bridge International School is an inclusive school where ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS AND HAS THE RIGHT TO BE EDUCATED USING DIFFERENT METHODS.’ We have a system that promotes high-quality support for learners and parents. We work together with other special needs services and partner institutions to coordinate inclusive and equitable educational policies and practices.

What we do

We identify the particular needs of students and create individual educational plans (IEPs) for those who need additional support, implementing special provisions, interventions, and accommodations. We also make provision for access arrangements for students with particular needs who are taking Cambridge Examinations.

In addition, we also have an inclusion policy that promotes high outcomes for all students, as well as a strong and supportive leadership that works closely with teachers and parents to ensure to monitor the progress of the students. We have a variety of resources in the classroom including a SEN room for therapies and one-to-one sessions with the neuro-diverse child.

Moreover, we have teachers who are trained in inclusive pedagogy and view it as their role to teach all learners in a diverse classroom with the help of differentiated activities. Students are actively involved in their learning and they are encouraged to support one another’s learning in an environment in which classroom discipline is based on mutual respect.

The goal of the department is to ensure the students with particular needs acquire the life skills they need to work with increased independence in the classroom and in society.