School uniforms

The Bridge International School seeks to maximise the academic and personal potential of every student. Part of this is to create the best atmosphere and environment within the school for every child. A consistent approach to school uniforms is one of the ways to achieve this. As such, children are expected to be in the correct uniforms at all times.


School uniforms should be decent, modest, practical and safe. 
1.    Jewellery or make up is not allowed
2.    If ears are pierced, students are only allowed to wear one stud in each ear
3.    Visible body piercing is not allowed
4.    Denim jeans are not allowed
5.    Leggings are not to be worn under skirts
6.    Trainers are not accepted except in games/PE lessons
7.    Boots may not be worn
8.    Hats may not be worn inside school, except for medical reasons
9.    Head scarves/ head wear for religious reasons must be black/dark navy blue.
10.  Black hair bands only
11.  Neat low hair cut for boys, that must be of uniform length (no patterns)
12.  Only black hair extensions allowed, which must be worn tied back

The school uniform consists of:-


Blue and green tartan shirt
Grey shorts/grey skirt
Black belt
Low black shoes (covered shoe)
Black tie – this is purchased by parents separately (self-tie or elasticated)
White socks


Blue and green tartan Shirt
Grey trousers (for both boys and girls)/grey skirt
Black belt
Low black shoes (covered shoes)
Black tie
White socks



White long sleeves shirt
Grey trousers (for both boys and girls)/grey skirt
Black belt
Low black shoes (covered shoes)
Black tie
Blue jacket
White socks

All these are available at the School and shall be issued upon admission.

Disciplinary procedures related to uniforms:

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that students’ uniforms are in conformity and reflect the standards and norms of The Bridge. Uniform infringements will be recorded and reported by staff to Administration, who will follow up persistent offenders with parents, first by telephone and then parents shall be called in for a formal meeting to discuss the matter with the school administration.
These incidents shall be recorded on the student file and on our school system.