How to become the best version of yourself as a girl. What does the girl child need to thrive?
How to become the best version of yourself as a girl

How to become the best version of yourself as a girl. International Women’s Day presents an excellent opportunity for teachers, parents, and caregivers to educate and inspire children about gender equality. From celebrating women’s achievements to challenging gender stereotypes, educating future generations about gender equality is one of the most grassroots differences anyone can make. […]

Culture Day at the Bridge International School

CULTURE DAY – THE BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL The Bridge International School Culture Day aims to ENCOURAGE appreciation and support of the artistic and cultural life that is lived, created, and expressed across every country represented. ENDORSE direct interaction between creators and the public, as a key to increasing understanding and appreciation of art and culture; […]

The Bridge Female Team at the International Schools Basketball Tournament
Winner of Douala International Schools Basketball Competition

Winner of Douala International Schools Girls Basketball Competition: The International Schools Basketball Tournament involved all the international schools in Cameroon. The female basketball team of The Bridge International School shot better than 70 percent from the floor in their final game with an 8 – 0 win against the Russian International School “Galaxy” in the […]

International Schools Basketball Tournament

International Schools Basketball Tournament involves all the international schools in Cameroon for a grant Basketball tournament. Venue: Guims Sports Academy, Logbessou Douala, Cameroon. Time: 9AM Participating schools The Bridge International School Dewey International School of applied sciences ENKO Bonanjo International School Russian International School   Schedule Time Activity 8:30 am to 9 am The arrival […]

Term dates for 2022/2023 academic session

Term 1 2022 TERM 2 2023 TERM 3 2023 ·        Staff in-service training 22nd August – 2nd  September ·        Staff Resumption Date Tuesday 3rd January 2023 ·        Staff Resumption Date Monday 17th April ·        Student Resumption Date Monday 5th September Through Friday 21st  October ·        Student Resumption Date Wednesday 4th January Through Friday 17th February […]

Twin Day

The Bridge International School Student Council planned a day full of fun activities to celebrate twins in the school and to learn about negotiation and compromise. Learners had to agree on an outfit and had fun dressing up as twins and some as triplets. Teachers also joined in the fun and dressed up for the […]

Publication of Results 2022

Underneath Success is Hardwork, Resilience and Patience. Once again, our students bring us tons of smiles ! We are thrilled to announce the best IGCSE results The Bridge International School has had in its nine years of existence. It keeps getting better and excellence remains our goal. We wish to extend particular congratulations to the […]