Health & Safety

The Bridge International School gives great importance to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for the teaching staff, the non-teaching staff, the students and all those who visit the School from time to time.

1)    TBIS provides a safe and healthy environment for both its students and workers.
2)    Well-equipped infirmary with a qualified trained nurse to take care of student’s health.
3)    A qualified nurse is on site and we are close to first class well equipped hospitals in Douala.
4)    Comfortable air conditioned class rooms.
5)    Daily supervision of students in and out of their classrooms by tutors and/or TAs.
6)    We provide and promote effective hygienic practice in the school.
7)    Health Protocol guidelines are followed to prevent the spread of contagious diseases in school.
8)    Nutritious well balanced meals and drinks are provided in our school canteen.
9)    Physical education is promoted
10)  Fire equipment and emergency procedures are in place to support any emergency situation.
11)   Staff are trained and aware of their roles and responsibilities with regards to Child protection.
12)    Requisite policies exist to ensure health and safety of all within the premises.