Sporting Activities

The SportsDepartment believes that by instilling a passion for sport in our students from an early age, the skills and values acquired will be taken on their journey throughout their education and into adulthood, thus becoming an integral part of their holistic education.

Participation in a range of sporting activities develops each individual, as well as growing the sense of unity, teamwork and cohesion. Sport and healthy living should underpin student’s life and our aim at The Bridge International School is for students to live their life with a strong social conscience.

We aim to give our students the necessary tools and skills to achieve excellence in all they strive to achieve. Physical fitness, discipline and success can contribute towards academic success, and we expect our students to take pride in their performance in the classroom as well as on the court/pitch. While we aim to build competitive, winning teams, our primary mission is to promote the value of school spirit and fair play.

Physical Education at the Bridge:

We aim…

  • To use a process of continuous improvement in support of systems and programmes that promote high standards of performance and  high expectations for learning on and off the playing field.
  • To develop, encourage and support the PE department staff, their programmes to improve instructional standards and professional development to enhance the students knowledge, skills and performance levels in efforts to achieve a high level of success.
  • To promote and encourage a strong social conscience among all our community members.
  • To maintain open and effective communication between the public, the PE department staff, students and parents and so be aware of attitudes, opinions and ideas.
  • To continue to integrate best practices and techniques into all phases of the PE educational process.
  • To ensure that students and staff have a safe and appropriate place to learn, work and play.

Participation in games and sports program is not only a fun and rewarding experience, but also a privilege and a valuable educational experience. Sport can have a monumental and lasting impact upon a student, and with that in mind, students, faculty, and parents approach the games with the following high standards and moral values: sportsmanship, hard work, leadership, individuality and community, learning with passion and rigor, tradition and innovation, and diversity.

Personal Growth and Development of Students through PE Experience

  • Interact consistently and personally with other students.
  • Provide a competitive and learning environment which facilitates development of moral character, self-discipline and potential.
  • Academic Excellence
  • Quality/diversity/value of sport/
    Service, Leadership and Community Involvement
  • Encourage and support leadership opportunities within the team environment, PE department, and beyond.