End of Year Graduation Ceremony 2019

The End of year and Graduation ceremonies took place on June 15th, 2019 and they were graced by many trilling activities and by the presence of Mr Helle, Founder of the Bridge, Mrs Helle, Executive Director, Father Michel, Chair of Governor, Mrs Fon Ndikum Parent Governor,Ms Babin (NPQH) the Headeacher and the Senior Leaders Mrs Ayuk, Ms Ayo and Mr Mugagga.

The Bridge International School would like to take this opportunity to thank  everyone who supported the preparation of this successful event, teachers, teaching assistants and other members of staff for their relentless efforts in preparing both the students and the setting of the event.

This year we celebrated the 6th End of year/ graduation ceremony of the The Bridge. The event committee together with the team of teachers worked hard for the success of the day.

The first phase of this occasion started at 12:30 noon with the singing of the National and School anthems.

This was followed by various presentations from classes -recitations, drama, dance, news presentation, musical presentations amongst others.

A red carpet and solemn procession of the Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team headed by the graduation officer (Chairperson of the Board of Governors and Doctor in Education in the UK, Father Michel) announced the second part of the programme.

Parents welcomed the procession with their smiles and  friendly greetings, Year 6 pupils, Year 11 and Year 13 students followed in a fashion styled and colourful formal Graduation dress.This session was crowned with the formal graduation ceremony of the students by the Graduation Officer and then followed awards and testimonies.

In addition, other students were recognised for their achievements such as most improved and best behaved students of each class.

Three other students received very special “COBIS awards”, brought back from the UK by the Headteacher from the COBIS conference held in London in May 19, and most companies represented at the event made generous additional donations of various kind in gifts to our meritorious and grateful students.

There was joy everywhere as most parents could be seen embracing their children and taking photographs with them.

The event was capped with a graduation dinner in the beautifully decorated gym of the school in the evening and some refreshment was also available for our guests whose student did not belong to the graduating years.

It was a fantastic and blessed  day for all of us.

Ms Mukom Magcentine

Coordinator of the End of Year and Graduation ceremonies.

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