Cobis Visit

Monday 14th January 2019 was a date all members of staff and students looked forward to with much excitement. The Bridge International School welcomed its Lead Improvement officer Mr Mark Mcloughlin  for its official Compliance visit.

The visit was very cordial and aimed at making sure that our respect for international standards and norms is up to date. Mr Mcloughlin made it very clear to all that he was not an “inspector” but that an accreditator and that his role was above all to check that we do what we say we do by looking at various areas of the school.

Mr Mcloughlin had several meetings with a cross section of various members of staff, the Board of Governors, students Representatives and some parents.

He also went on various learning walks; spoke to staff and students in the school.

Our LIP had thrilling conversations with the food caterers, the security staff, the facility manager, the HR administrator and he made himself very approachable to the whole school community.

On Wednesday afternoon during a special meeting with members of staff, Mr Mcloughlin told members of staff that he felt very welcome at the Bridge and there was a photo session with all staff. Mrs Helle gave Mr Mcloughlin a souvenir from the Bridge.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team received a very clear, fair and helpful feedback.

We look forward to receiving the written report in the very near future.

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