Maths week celebration at the Bridge International School 14 Jan – 18 Jan 2019


The Numeracy week kick started on this day and students and teachers had to apply maths in most things they did throughout the week. Teachers includes included cross curricular links in their lessons to promote mathematical knowledge to give the week importance.


During am registration, students were playing games related to mathematics such as cards, monopoly, scrabble, etc, from 7:30 am to 8 am in their form rooms assisted by their form tutors. At lunchtime, the whole school gathered at the patio and continued playing maths games. This activity brought a lot of fun and joy to the students because they enjoyed solving mathematical problems for fun.


Cross-curricular links continued during lessons.


From 9:30 to 10:30, there was an inter-house competition between teachers assisted by a maximum of two students. The competition was very fun and at the same time intense.  Teachers teaching maths and Science were exempted from the competition. The completion had 8 rounds of 6 questions per round making a total of 48 points. Below are the results.

House points/48 position
Asia 42 1
Europe 38 2
Europe 38 2
North America 34 4

At the end of the day, the students and teachers of the Asia carried the day but everyone went back happy to have learned a thing or two.


This was the final day of the competition. the day started with the submission  of maths logos from two students to the Head of Maths Department. Marina Kentsa and Keone won and received certificates!

Students and teachers of each house lined up behind the house captains holding the house flags to match to the field.

Our first game was to find the target while blinded folded. Each participant had a guide who could only say “yes or no” for every question. For this game, Europe played against North America and won while Asia played against Africa and won. Europe later won the finals against Asia. The points were

  • Europe 50 pts.
  • Asia 30 pts.
  • Africa 10 pts.
  • North America 10 pts.
  • The second competition was picking the cones that belonged to your house. This was a speed game.

Africa played against Europe and won while North America played against Asia and lost. The final was played between Africa and North America and the game was a tie. The following were the house points of the different houses.

  • Africa 50 pts
  • North America 50 pts
  • Asia 10 pts
  • Europe 10 pts.

Summary Results

Below are the cumulative results of the competition held during the maths week.

1st position: Africa and Europe with a total of 98 points each

3rd position: North America with a total of 94 points

4th position: Asia with a total of 82 points

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