Annual Spelling Bee Douala hosted by TBIS

Spelling bee brings together contestants from private and public school that compete in spelling words in English. The Spelling Bee concept is an American academic competition. Spelling Bee events brings together contestants from both private and public schools who compete in spelling a broad selection of English words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.
This competition was first organised in Cameroon in 2014, by the US Embassy in Yaoundé and has been ongoing till date. One of the major objectives of the exercise is to enable spellers to enrich their vocabulary reservesSpellers equally boost self-confidence, kill crowd phobia and sharpen their public speaking skills as they have to spell orally in front of a huge cosmopolitan audience.
At the end of the exercise certificates of participation are awarded to participants and the top four spellers are given special prices including books, latest smartphones and tablets and the regional champion carries the trophy home.

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