A Disclaimer: Beware, The Bridge Impostors Online

We were notified lately of the existence of fake social media accounts bearing the name of The Bridge International Schools or bearing the personal names of some of its top-line managers and leaders.

 As an institution, keen at preserving its moral integrity, the Bridge International School hereby distances itself from such publications and from any online publications or interactions that bypass our officially established platforms of communication.

 We strongly condemn such practices which are built on deceit with no good intentions for our school. The Bridge International School continues to enjoy a growing and excellent reputation in the care that we provide our children. The safety and child protection and safeguarding of our children is a high priority. Our commitment to keep children ever safer on premise as well as online is irrevocable.

If you notice any suspicious activity in the name the Bridge International School, please contact us through the official channels of the school found on our website.

 The Management

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