Facilities at The Bridge International School

The Bridge International School opened its doors to its first students in September 2013, 3 years after the foundation stone for the building was laid, in the peaceful suburb of Bonamoussadi-Denver, in Douala.

The infrastructure and facilities offered by the school are unlike any to be found in the immediate vicinity, and one cannot fail to be impressed by the quality of the construction and the spacious nature of the site.


There is a multi-purpose patio area on the ground floor as you walk into the campus. This area is used as a recreational space during the day and as additional sports area.The school lets out this space for family events to parents and selected interested parties. The patio is also to host parents-teachers forums, Christmas parties, graduation and year end ceremonies. 



At the other end of the Patio is the dining area, where children can eat their packed lunch, or purchase drinks and snacks during break times. At the moment the school has engaged an outside catering team that prepares sumptuous meals for our students at an affordable rate. This can be paid monthly or termly and more details can be accessed through the office.




All of the classrooms are air-conditioned, well lit, spacious, and hold a maximum of 20 students. At present, our average class size from Pre-Nursery to Year 11 is below 20 students per class. This low student-teacher ratio boosts students’ overall achievement.




ICT Suite

Each classroom has a networked computer and a projector. All students have access to our two fully-equipped ICT suites which may be used for personal study during lunch time, in addition to ICT lessons given to all students in Years 1 to 9, and as an IGCSE option in Year 10 and 11 the Early years section have tablets that they use for Computing.



Learning Resource Centre

We are proud of our Library space, which we have recently redesigned to provide a stimulating and conducive environment in which our students can study, carry out independent internet research and read from our continually-expanding collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Our books are largely in English, which is our language of instruction, but we also have a small collection of French books and our Librarians are always looking for titles with multicultural perspectives to add to our library collection.


Art Room

The course encourages personal expression, imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, power of observation, an analytical ability and practical attitudes. Art and Design compliments literary, mathematical, scientific and factual subjects. It is a form of communication and a means of expressing ideas and feelings. This is hugely practiced in timetabled lessons but also the every busy art room host many students who have signed up Art and Craft as an after school activity. It is open to students from early year to year 13.


Science Laboratory

At the Bridge we offer science from Primary school to year 11. Students have an opportunity to take all three sciences (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) or opt for two sciences in year 10. in year 9, the science curricular is split into the three sciences thus allowing learners to build a strong foundation for their IGCSE. Our science labs are fully equipped allowing learners to do experiment at least twice every week.



Language Centre

With the Introduction of the Adult learning at the Bridge, we have put together a state of the Art Language Center where learners are taught English for business and for specific purposes. We are an IELTS testing center alongside other vendor based English exams.



Multipurpose Hall

One of the greatest attractions of The Bridge International School is its Multi-purpose Hall. The hall is about 1300 square meters in area equipped with ultra –modern and eco-friendly specifications. It is extensively used in the context of school activities and stands as one of the main architectural beauties on campus. It is there that we hold our assemblies on Mondays and Fridays and other important events like Parent-Teacher Seminars, Groove nights, Movie nights,and many other events.



Music Room

Many students take instrument lessons such as piano, violin, guitar, drums and saxophones as well as vocal training. ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) exam is available for those who would like to earn an internationally-recognised certificate for their musical skills. Our lessons also challenge the students to grow since learning music is a lifetime process which requires discipline and commitment. There are plans to introduce music as an examinable subject in the near future. 



Sporting Field

The Bridge has established a strong sporting tradition offering a range of team and individual sports. TBIS has had its focus on these sports and has constantly nurtured talent in most young adults with lots of success over the years. The monthly house competition is always a day students look forward to.




School Security

Our school has a very well secured site situated in a residential area of Douala, in Denver.

Security guards are posted at the school gates day and and night and we use and monitor our CCTV cameras throughout the campus.

Members and staff and visitors are required to sign in and out of the school site and parents (guardian or carer) have a numbered pass to come and collect their child.

Every member of staff and Prefect of The Bridge International school has a School badge and they are required to wear it at all times.

Visitors must enter the school campus and wear their visitor’s badge at all times and be accompanied by a member of staff.

Members of the public or parents are advised to make an appointment in order to meet with members of staff outside of the parents conferences events via the school secretary.