The Admissions process at a glance

The Bridge International School is committed to providing an international education to national and ex-patriate students aged 3 to 19. Parents wishing to enrol their child should provide all supporting documents as mentioned below.

Application check list
• Completed application form
• One passport-sizedphotograph
• Copy of child’sbirthcertificate
• Copies of the last two years school reports (in English or French)
• Copy of the current year school report (if applicable)
• Transcripts for IGCSE results for 6th Form
• Students Transfer form or School Leaving Certificate (6th Form only)
• Copy of parent passport/ national identity card
• Registration and Capital Development Fund fees+ 50% tuition fees if place offered and accepted
Please note that the Bridge International School does not provide boarding facilities. Children must be living in Douala or parents must make arrangement for their accommodation.
Those interested in enrolling students at the school can arrange to meet a member of our staff who will explain all the procedures and conduct a tour of our facilities.
Please note that closing date for enrolment is August 15th each year. Late applications will be considered on an individual basis, depending on availability of places.
Application procedure and admission policy
Enrolment is not automatic. The admission policy is designed to ensure that the students who attend the school have the capacity to thrive within, and benefit from, all that The Bridge International School offers.
The admission procedures take into account three main strands:
1. Assessment results – students will need to demonstrate the capacity and capability to benefit from the educational programmes at The Bridge International School. The School may request applicants to complete an assessment prior to the offer of a place, depending on the year group that they wish to enter, to ensure the student’s educational needs can be met within a mainstream school setting and in an age-appropriate class.
Where there is some evidence of additional educational need, opportunities will be provided to discuss the child’s educational development in more detail, and for the school to carry out appropriate assessments, before an offer of a place can be made.
2. Interview – wherever possible students/families will be interviewed prior to admission. These interviews will be carried out as part of the enrolment procedure by the relevant Head of Section, and through discussion with the Headteacher.
3. Previous record of attainment and achievement – students entering school who have previous school experience will be expected to have a record of their past academic achievements from each school attended. It is also important to note that the school will place students in the most appropriate year group according to their chronological age, as outlined on the information sheet Class placement at The Bridge International School.

Enrolment into Years 12 and 13
The current Year 11 students will commence their A-Level Programme studies in September 2016. Applications for Year 12 will begin in May this academic year 2015-2016. Copies of previous school reports, together with predicted IGCSE grades will form an important part of the admission procedure.
The Bridge International School reserves the right to give any potential student a test to assess their level of English competence.
Very occasionally, as students progress through one year group, it may become apparent that The Bridge International School is not able to provide the most appropriate educational setting that is in the best interests of the student. In this rare event, parents will be thoroughly consulted with and supported in identifying a more suitable placement.
Learning support and additional support lessons in English and French are provided when it is felt that a student would benefit from additional help in these areas. Parents will always be consulted in the decision-making process, after a particular need has been identified