Extra Curricular Life

Extra Curricular Activities

 Extra-Curricular or Co-curricular refers to activities, programs and learning experiences that compliment, in some way, what pupils are learning in School. It should develop attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork. It should teach pupils to be responsible and fulfilled human beings and should give them opportunities that may benefit them in later life. It should allow pupils to develop character, social skills, critical thinking and talents. It should support the curriculum and the values that we are trying to install.

How it works

Each pupil chooses one activity from the Outdoor Activities category, the Music, Drama and Art category and the Life Skills / Community Work category, and will study these on a 7 week rotation cycle. These are reviewed regularly and new clubs / activities offered if there is a genuine demand. The School currently runs 33 activities led by our staff and external coaches.

Below are Activities we currently run from 2.15pm to 3.00pm (Monday to Friday)

Spelling Bee

With a support tutor from the American Embassy, the children will be taken through a rigorous spelling training for 3 months in order to enhance their written work and more importantly get them to acquire new words and know how to spell and use them. This will be done in collaboration with the English department every week. All learners in year 7-9 are welcomed to this club. We meet every Tuesday in the Gym and students of these classes have an opportunity of taking part in the Regional spelling Bee competition pitting against other big schools of the region.

Art and Craft club

This is the club that introduces how to produce creative work, explore your ideas and learn new Art and Craft techniques. Students will learn fundamental laws and techniques of drawing and develop their creativity and imagination. Students will use art room and explore different art and craft material. All learns in year1-6 will meet in art room every Tuesday and year 7-11 every Friday.

Debate Club

Students are able to have a constructive debate of topics pertaining to current events.    Students are broke up into two groups. Each team is given a set period of time to prepare an argument. A member serves as a recorder while the others are sharing their opinions.  One team will argue in favor (pro) and the other will argue in opposition (con). During the debate one member stands and speaks on behave of the group.  The opposing time is only allowed to speak during their designated time. 

By participating on a debate team, students learn the art of persuasion.  Research has shown that participation in debates increases students' academic performance and increases their chances of earning a college degree.  Many colleges offer summer programs that teach debating skills.  Students benefit from preparing for debates by honing their research skills. They also benefit from the experience of speaking in public.

Hand Writing Club

The Handwriting Club is designed to strengthen and develop foundational motor skills and spatial and perceptual skills, review of letter formation and commonly reversed letters, and sentence writing practice. The Handwriting Club runs every Mondays and Wednesdays for 45 minutes each session.

The Choir

The choir seeks to develop the following attributes in students like being outspoken, eloquent, bold and self-confident on stage and also apply these qualities in order fields of life. We learn vocals, how to sing along with notes of different music and also perfect our voices through playbacks. We meet every Wednesday in Foundation 2. All classes are welcome to this club.

Coding Club

This club is designed to give students who are interested in creating apps the opportunity and resources to learn basic computer programming skills; it introduces the concept of programming and game creation to inspire future developers. The purpose of the coding club is to broaden students' knowledge, skills, and interests in computer science and computer programming. No skills required. They will use the ICT lab and their tablets/ipads to develop computer science competencies. All learners in year 5-11 are welcome to this club. We meet every Friday at the ICT Lab.

Aerobics Club

Our main group exercise in Aerobics club is a routine dance which lasts for about 5 minutes intervals, we have different age groups who do different fun based exercises.Participation in regular aerobic exercise has many health benefits. All learners across the school are welcome to this club. We meet every Wednesday in the Gym.


Clinic club is for all students across the schools that need extra help in different subjects. The main duty of the teacher is to assist and to make sure the students are on task and making steady progress throughout the session. We meet every Tuesday in year two class.

Learning Enrichment club

This is new addition to our hidden curriculum beginning January. We will be encouraging the children to select a subject that interests them and attempt a task, which will enable them to develop research skills and encourage independent thinking. These tasks provide an important opportunity for the children at The Bridge to further their interest in different areas of the curriculum and complete a project independent of teacher supervision. The tasks set are designed to appeal to all of the different learning styles as well as a broad spread of abilities. Tasks range from creating a ‘Public Performance’ to Logo Designing, Bird Spotting, making a computer game, making a French Video Diary, producing a holiday brochure and much, more. The Enrichment Program helps to stretch our pupils and give them unique opportunities to engage in self-selected tasks that really capture their imagination. All learners in year 5-11 are welcome to this club. We meet every Thursday in the Science room.

Community Service

This is a service to the public. It will involve charity work with selected vulnerable groups, fund-raising initiatives and environmental conservation awareness activities within and outside school. All learners across the school are welcome to this club. We meet every Tuesday at the Gym




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