ayukI hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education (First Class Upper division- GPA 3.42/4).  I have 17 years teaching experience in both International and National Schools i.e. the teaching of Biology up to the Advanced Level, Science and Math in both the Primary and Secondary schools. I have held several leadership positions as Principal, Head teacher, Dean of Studies and Exams officer. In these capacities, I have been responsible for recruiting, training and supervising teachers and equally registering, following up and preparing students for both international and national exams (AP, IGCSE and GCE). I am focused, tasked oriented, self-motivated and has developed a proactive and responsible approach to any task I undertake through the intensive professional development opportunities that I have been exposed to. I am very passionate in my teaching and always strive to bring out the best in my students due to my drive for academic excellence.
Deputy Head Teacher

I am a qualified educational professional with over nine years’ experience in teaching, educational management and administration. I have worked at both the primary and secondary levels in National and International school s as principal and head teacher and head of secondary respectively    I am Computer literate, highly organized and possess excellent communication skills.  I have a sense of humour, willingness to embrace change and able to work effectively both independently and as part of a team. Adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously such as planning, setting, evaluating exams and assignments as well as actively taking part in staff meetings and school programs. Being an IGCSE Geography and History teacher, I have a positive and effective teaching style and the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty.  I am a Holder of a degree in Education, a Teacher Grade one Certificate and have attended some Professional development courses.
Secondary Section Co-ordinator


From a young age I knew I wanted a career working with children but was unsure in what capacity. I embarked on a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and spent a year on a student placement at University of East London. I became somehow disillusioned with aspects of early childhood education and decided to return to my Early Years roots and undertook the necessary training for pre -school practitioners. I decided to further my qualifications through Montessori pedagogy and spent two years training as a Montessori teacher at London Montessori Centre. On my return to Kenya I have taught across different age ranges in three best schools in Kenya, Gems Cambridge International School being one of them and The Bridge international School being the fourth one in Cameroon. Apart from teaching I have been a senior member of staff coordinating Arts and Early years. I am very proud to lead and take forward The Bridge International School which has a committed and dedicated team of staff who offer a wide variety of skills to provide the best possible education in early years.
Early Year's Section Co-ordinator


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