Rewards and Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions


We award our pupils when they excel at any particular aspect within the school activities that they pursue. We equally sanction bad behaviour whenever necessary. Students are awarded merits, Bridge honors award (BHA) or Bridge Excellence award (BEA) for good academic work and behaviour. Departments should produce and publish the criteria for the awards if they so wish and the same should be shared with the senior Leadership team for ratification.

The value of each is outlined below.


1 Merit = 1 house point

BHA = 5 house points (Assembly Weekly)
BEA = 15 house points (Assembly Weekly)


Behaviour: Courtesy; Thought and care for others; Helpfulness; Care of the school environment; Wearing uniform with pride; Consistent, appropriate behavior, e.g. over a two to three week period; High record of punctuality to class which can be determined monthly and only those without any lateness would be rewarded


•    A positive contribution to the lesson
•    Students who have achieved their lesson or achievement targets
•    A piece of work which reflects the full potential of an individual*
•    Excellent effort
•    Good progress
•    Improvement
•    Good organizational skills
•    All students will commence each term with a total of 20 points and the points will be added to or deducted from as and when rewards or sanctions are issued.

Non Academic

•    Citizenship
•    Helping others
•    Community Leadership
•    Good mannerism
•    Hygiene and environmental conservation
•    Outstanding character
•    Any other element that is deemed reflective of the Cambridge Learner attributes


We believe that all members of the school community have a responsibility to ensure that teachers are able to teach, students to learn, and that all can feel safe and happy at school. Students are the focal point in  as far mentorship and guidance is concerned.

Details of the Sanctions mechanism and framework is avaialable under the policies section of the website.


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