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I have been teaching for twelve years and over the years, I have attended several Professional Development courses in Kenya, Egypt, UK and USA to enhance teaching and learning. As an IGCSE and A Level CIE Certified Teacher of ICT and Computing, a Program leader in Technology integration, a Google ambassador and a Certified Microsoft Educator, I have taught in three International schools in Africa - Oshwal Academy – Nairobi, Greensteds International School, Nakuru – Kenya and now TBIS - Cameroon. I have held several leadership positions such as Head of Computing, Assistant House-parent, Subject Leader, Lead Technology integrator and Edexcel Accredited Coursework moderator. The quality assurance experience gained during the CIS accreditation process in Kenya saw me develop the first whole school Strategic ICT policy for Greensteds. I have anchored my classroom practice with current teaching standards having undertaken a Diploma course in Assessment for Learning (AfL) from Leeds University – UK. I have attended several seminars on Boarding School Management, Duty of Care and Pastoral care for 21st Century Learners. I bring with me a wealth of experience of Teaching with Technology, Use of Tablets in Schools, ECDL lifelong learning, Child Protection, Health and Safety and Peer-to-Peer mentoring, Pupil behavior management, Exam Management system, Student tracking system (CEM - DfE-accredited Reception Baseline Assessment BASE, Durham University), Virtual Learning Systems Management and several ideas in livening extra-curricular activities. I enjoy working with young people as we are all collaboratively obligated to mentor them. I am passionate about helping young people believe in themselves and remain positive to attaining their aspirations. My vision as a manager is to see young people grow into responsible adults. I love to explore, travel, meet people and play Hockey. My teaching philosophy is the provision of 21st century competencies and skills which are collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation that will prepare students into the foreseeable future.

Tobias Oyugi 

B.Ed(Sci), MA, PMP, CIDT, MCE                                                 

THE BRIDGE International School
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