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Learning to read, write, arrange, produce, play and appreciate music are life-time treasures a student can acquire while in The Bridge, and the appreciation of music adds a deeper understanding and satisfaction to their life. The Music Department is committed to recognizing and nurturing the talents in our students starting from a tender age. Music education at The Bridge starts from reception and continues through to Year 13. During this time, we strive to nurture and guide the students in a manner and discipline that is prerequisite to any great musician.

Many students take instrument lessons such as piano, violin, guitar, drums and saxophones as well as vocal training. ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) exam is will be available for those who would like to earn an internationally-recognised certificate for their musical skills. The students have a rewarding experience by becoming a band member and utilizing the skill in music classes. Our lessons also challenge the students to grow since learning music is a lifetime process which requires discipline and commitment. There are plans to introduce music as an examinable subject in the near future.

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