Advanced Level History

At the A/AS Level, History is a challenging subject that encourages intellectual development.  It involves the interpretation and evaluation of events of the past, with an aim to understand our future.  The topics studied offer a particular thrill to the investigative mind and stimulate the development of knowledge and understanding of our political and socio-economic world.

Syllabus Content

Study leads to Cambridge International Examinations in May /June.

At AS Level students will study European History of  from 1789 to 1945                  

Specific topics are as follows:                                                                                                                     

  • Origins of World War I -Evaluation of Documents (this is a compulsory topic.)
  • The French Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Rise of Nationalism
  • New Imperialism
  • Russian Revolution
  • Totalitarianism

At A2 Level the student will study International History from 1945 to 1991. 

Specific topics are as follows:                                                                                                    

  • The Work and Design of the United Nations - Evaluation of documents -this is a compulsory topic.
  • The Origins of the Cold War
  • The Globalisation of the Cold War - Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iran, the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Cold War effects and influences;
  • Crisis of Communism:  USSR and China Nuclear Arms Race;
  • Development of the international economy


Students will sit one paper each year.
The questions test their ability to assess reasons for cause and consequence; change and effects on
the world that lead to new political, economic and social development.  The students also develop an understanding of the factors that have formed the nations of the world today and which have molded present day politics.

What can a student gain from History?

This is a subject that develops analytical skills and confidence in expression and fluency of ideas.  History also encourages the mind to appreciate world views and attitudes and prepares students for citizenship and future careers in many fields.  Among these are Communication, Law, Journalism, Archaeology, Development Studies, Politics and Government, International Relations and even Military Science, to name a few.

Universities encourage the study of History for certain courses as it enables aspiring academicians
to gain a foundation in analytical and evaluative studies that require interested minds and motivated researchers.

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