Advanced Level Geography

AS Geography Course – Year 12

The AS Course is split into two parts – Physical and Human Geography. Usually the course is taught by two teachers, one teaching the Physical and the other the Human Geography, with an equal amount of teaching time assigned to each.
What are the Main Elements of the Course?

AS Level Physical Core

  • Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Rocks and weathering
  • Atmosphere and Weather 

AS Level Human Core

  • Population Change
  • Settlement Dynamics

The assessment at AS Level is one 3 Hour Exam, with 1hr 30mins for Physical questions and 1hr 30mins for Human question. This includes some essay style questions.

A2 Level Geography Course – Year 13

The A2 Level Course again is made up of an equal split of Physical and Human Geography, however Units studied are more specific and in depth. As a Geography Department we choose the following selection of units to study from a range provided by the exam board.

A2 Level Advanced Physical Geography Units

Coastal Environments

    • Wave and marine processes 
    • Coastal landforms of cliffed and constructive coasts 
    • Coral reefs 
    • Sustainable management of coasts 

Hazardous Environments

    • Hazardous environments resulting from crustal movement 
    • Hazardous environments resulting from mass movements 
    • Hazard resulting from atmospheric disturbances 
    • Sustainable management in hazardous environments 

A2 Level Advanced Human Geography Units

Global Interdependence

    • Trade flows and trading patterns 
    • Causes of Debt crisis
    • The development of international tourism 
    • The management of tourist destination 

Environmental Management

    • Sustainable energy supplies 
    • The management of energy supply 
    • Environmental degradation 
    • The management of a degraded environment 

How is A2 Level Geography assessed?
The assessment at A2 Level is two 1 Hour 30 min Exams. One exam on the Physical Geography Units and the other on the Human Geography Units. Essay Style Questions are prefferd.

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