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Drama continues to play an important role in the development of students at the Bridge.  It gives students an opportunity to explore their potential in ways they never have before, and gives them the tools that will enable them to express and communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions in a safe and creative forum.

There are plans to have Drama as part of our academic curricular in September 2016 from Key stage 3 to A-Levels, taught by a Drama specialist. Examination Drama is a well-respected subject that is not only for young people who want to chase a career in the arts. It can stimulate creative thinking, challenge the perceptions of young people, promotes a positive self-image, equips students with good communications skills and helps students to understand the way that human beings interact. These are skills that are applicable to all, regardless of their career path.

 Extra-curricular Drama moves from strength to strength and gives all students at The Bridge the opportunity to participate in the Performing arts, in a variety of ways. Preparations will soon begin for the musical that will be performed in June 2016.

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